SDX Energy Discovers 1.9 Billion Cubic Meters of Gas in Morocco

SDX Energy, Oil Wells Discovery Morocco

Global companies with a keen interest in oil and gas have turned their eyes on Morocco over the past years. A new gas discovery by SDX Energy in its OYF-2 well ensures that 2020 will pique the interest of even more investors.

According to SDX’s CEO Mark, Reid, the finding will “increase the potential to upgrade total reserves in Morocco that meet approximately three to four years of customer demand.” The company discovered that they were able to drill down to a depth of 1,210 m. This gives them access to a minimum of 1.3 billion cubic meters of gas with a potential of 1.9 billion cubic meters.

SDX has 75% of its shares in Northern Africa and focuses on Exploration and Production. In Morocco, they have the majority of their shares in the Sebou concession, located in the Gharb basin, two hours north of Rabat. The company’s work involves extensive 2D and 3D seismic testing and has a current average production of 7.0 MMscf/day (1,166 boepd). In Morocco, SDX also owns a 75% interest in the pipeline and local gas distribution network; this is used to deliver gas to citizens of Kenitra city.

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