The Casablanca Medina Gets a Facelift

Ettedgui Synagogue, Casablanca

Morocco’s medinas in Morocco were  approved for a royal facelift in 2010. King Mohammed VI spearheaded a restoration program for Casablanca, Rabat, Fes and Marrakech. The Casablanca’s medina’s transformation is well underway and in its final phase of completion. The procurement contracts range for work in Casablanca’s historic distrcit were assesed in the range of 35 million USA dollars. The restoration of historc Casablanca neighborhoods and bringing to life buildings that were set to collapse are part of the plan for a renaissance  Many of medina’s street lined shops have been reconditioned with tradtional raw wood doors that evoke the historic charm of old Casablanca. Water and electricity networks have been upgraded along with sanitation restructured. Casablanca’s Jewish Ettedgui Synagogue was restored and a new museum created that traces the Jewish History of the Morocco. The Ettedgui Synagogue is located in the heart of the Jewish Mellah. Its rededication was attended by King Mohammed VI in 2016.  Other renovations and new additions include the Karouani Mausolem, the Derb Cadi women’s youth home and a sports center.