Viktor Braginsky’s Landscape Paintings of Morocco to be Exhibited at Russian Museum

Viktor Braginsky Russian Painter, Moroccan Landscape

Viktor Braginsky’s Paintings of Morocco to be Exhibited at Russian Museum

Morocco has long served as a source of inspiration for artists from around the world. Viktor Braginsky, a well respected artist of the Russian Federation will showcase his paintings in Balashikha, Russia in an exhibition titled “Moroccan Album.” The Museum of Children’s Book Illustration, “Kartinka,” will feature his works which depict Morocco’s Atlas mountains, coastal regions, the Sahara desert and Oasis along with Moroccan daily life. The exhibition will run from March 20th through April 10th, 2021.

Balashikha’s “Moroccan Album” exhibition includes a total of 47 works of art, all of painted in pastels and comprised of “complex and a fragile technique that accurately conveys the artist’s inner attitude to the world around him, “ claims Russian Media.

Viktor Braginsky, was born in the Soviet Union in 1954. He is the son of the renowned playwright and writer, Emil Braginsky. Braginsky’s work has seen more than 100 exhibitions across Russia and Europe. He is a professor of the Department of Drawing and Painting of the Art Faculty at the Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) which is notated as one of the oldest film schools in the world that was founded in 1919.

Braginsky has noble intension of his birth country and claims “the great traditions of the cultural heritage of Russia remain unshakable for me.”

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