Top 6 Morocco Jewish Heritage Tours

Moroccan Jewish Mellah, Marrakech

Top 6 Morocco Jewish Heritage Tours

Jewish culture has been interwoven throughout Morocco for centuries. Morocco Jewish Tours offer a golden opportunity for Jewish travelers to discover Stories of the Jewish Mellah’s, a vibrant Jewish community, Synagogues, Andalusian and Moorish architecture, beautiful landscapes, Tombs and Holy places, and the only Jewish Museum in the Islamic world. By choosing one of the Top 6 Morocco Jewish Tours visitors are guaranteed a Moroccan cultural journey exploring picturesque markets, discovering the spice souks, contemporary museums, and wandering through majestic palaces, and Andalusian gardens.

Jewish travelers can participate in Shabbat services and dine with a Jewish family on the sabbath. The Top 6 Morocco Jewish Heritage Tours all lend an insider’s view to Jewish life and a Jewish community with strong ties to families in Morocco and Jewish Moroccan’s abroad.

When you travel to Morocco on a comprehensive Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour it is led by expert, licensed guides who are Jewish Heritage specialists.

Jewish guides will convey Morocco’s grand Jewish History. You can anticipate hearing Jewish tales, exploring Morocco’s Sephardic Jewish traditions and learning about the hidden jewels of Morocco’s Jewish past.

Are you a Jewish family interested in exploring Morocco’s Jewish Heritage? One of the Top 6 Jewish Tours can be tailor-made for your family’s interests whether you prefer moderate Jewish travel or Kosher Jewish travel. 

Jewish families can anticipate enjoying activities such as learning how to make historic Jewish crafts such as pottery, silver, and ancient Hebraic, Arabic calligraphy.
Shabbat Dinner, Kosher Dining, Marrakech
Morocco’s Jewish Tours also offer a range of Jewish dining experiences. A Jewish traveler you can attend Shabbat services at one of the Jewish synagogues in Morocco and enjoy a private Shabbat dinner just after. Options are to attend Shabbat services at one of the Sephardic Synagogues tucked away in the Jewish Mellah of Fes or Marrakech. Shabbat Services are also held at synagogues located in the new towns of Casablanca, Fes, and Marrakech.
Shabbat dinner can be experienced by breaking bread when dining in a private, Jewish historic home. For those who are Kosher, guaranteed Kosher meals can be catered to your hotel or you can choose to eat Moroccan cuisine at a local Kosher restaurant. All Jewish travel experiences are customized based upon your interests in Jewish life and the time you have available for this special Morocco Discovery vacation.
Temple Beth El Synagogue, Casablanca

Some examples of the sites visited on Morocco Jewish Heritage Tours are Jewish Synagogues: Temple Beth-El in Casablanca, Ibn Dannon Synagogue in Fes and The Lazama Synagogue in Marrakech. Guided by local experts on Jewish life, travelers will also visit the Jewish Mellah in Fes, famous for it’s sprawling outdoor terraces, the Jewish Mellah in Marrakech and two Jewish Cemeteries along with the Tomb of Solica in Fes. In Essaouira, the renowned Chaim Pinto Synagogue is an important treasure along with the Slat Lkahal Synagogue, a former community synagogue, currently under a historic renovation. Recently refurbished are the Simon Attias Synagogue in Essaouira, formerly  known as the Bet Ha-Knesset Simon Attias, M’sod Attias and Shaarei T’filah (bet kenesset, ‘house of assembly.’ On a Jewish Heritage, Tour Shabbat dinner at a Rabbi’s home can also be arranged to round out your private morocco travel experience.

Jewish Wedding Morocco Painting by Eugène Delacroix

The Times of Israel refers to “Morocco as a trove of history if you know where to go” and their article published in April 2019 confirms the presence of Jews in Morocco for thousands of years.

“The presence of Jews in Morocco stretches back more than 2,000 years.

Before the founding of Israel in 1948, estimates put their number as high as about 275,000, which was considered the largest Jewish community in the Muslim world, said Roy Mittelman, director of the Jewish studies program at The City College of New York. ”

Mittleman suggests the ideal reading material before embarking on a Jewish Heritage Tour to be inclusive of Shlomo Dessen’s “The Mellah Society: Jewish Community Life in Sherifian Morocco” which focuses on pre-colonial Morocco and is based on the writings of 18th- and 19th-century Judeo-Moroccan sages. He also recommends Bulgarian Jewish writer Elias Canetti, “The Voices of Marrakesh: A Record of a Visit.”


Haim Zafrani, Moroccan French Scholar & Writer

“Two Thousand Years of Jewish life in Morocco by Haim Zafrani.” Drawing on his Jewish-Moroccan heritage and knowledge of ancient and modern Oriental languages, the late Professor Zafrani traces Sephardic Jewish life and its legacy in once multicultural Morocco from exile from biblical Israel to the return to the modern state of Israel and elsewhere after 1948.

For books about Jewish life in Morocco that would serve as preparation for a Jewish Trip Alecia Cohen, Curator, and Owner of Travel Exploration Morocco Jewish Tours suggest the following  books:

“Memories of Absence, How Muslims Remember Jews in Morocco,” published by Standford University Press investigates how four successive generations remember the lost Jewish community. Moroccan attitudes toward the Jewish population have changed over the decades, and a new debate has emerged at the center of the Moroccan nation: Where does the Jew fit in the context of an Arab and Islamic monarchy? Can Jews simultaneously be Moroccans and Zionists? Drawing on oral testimony and stories, on rumor and humor, Aomar Boum examines the strong shift in opinion and attitude over the generations and increasingly anti-Semitic beliefs in younger people, whose only exposure to Jews has been through international media and national memory.
“Jews Under Moroccan Skies” by Raphael Elmaleh and George Ricketts provides us with a compact popular survey of Jewish life in Morocco.
Ibn Danan Synagogue, Fes

The Top 6 Morocco Jewish Heritage Tours Offer a Comprehensive Cultural experience for families and couples interested in exploring Morocco’s Jewish past. 

1. Jewels of Jewish Heritage: An Imperial City Tour of the Jewish Quarters, Synagogues, Cemeteries and the Jewish Museum

Anticipate exploring the hidden Jewels of Jewish Morocco on this private tour. Morocco boasts beautiful landscapes, picturesque markets, and a Jewish community with strong ties. Discover the old Jewish quarters in Fes, Meknes, Marrakech & Essaouira. Shabbat Services & Kosher options available.

2. Jewish Heritage Highlights: A History and Culture Tour including a Glimpse into the Moroccan Jewish Community

Discovery of the historic Jewish quarters in the Imperial Cities, their Andalusian architecture and the only Jewish Museum in the Islamic world. Up close experience with the Jewish community and a glimpse into the lives of Jews living in Morocco today. Shabbat Services & Kosher options available.

3. Moroccan Jewish Odyssey: A Cultural Tour Exploring Stories of the Mellah, Synagogues and the Grand Souks

Expect dramatic contrasts as you encounter Morocco’s Jewish Heritage on this Cultural Tour. Explore Jewish Heritage Sites, Stories of the Mellah, Sacred Mosques, Roman Ruins, an endless Sahara Desert. Visit Morocco’s colorful souks, ancient Kasbahs and rural Berber Villages

Jewish Hebrew Writing & Tilework

4. Jewish Heritage Footprints: Follow the Traces of Jewish History and Culture throughout Morocco

Follow the Footprints of Moroccan Jews on this comprehensive Jewish Heritage Tour. Visit Jewish Heritage Sites including the Synagogues in Fes and Marrakech. Trace the footprints of Sephardic Jews who fled from Spain to Morocco. Discover the home of Maimonides and remarkable Adobe Synagogue in Arazan.

5. Jewish Nostalgia Tour: Do your Jewish Roots Originate in Morocco? 

For travelers of Moroccan descent, our Jewish Heritage Nostalgia Tour combines site seeing at Jewish Sites while tracing the heritage of family ancestry for those who wish to discover their Jewish past. Travelers visit Jewish neighborhoods, historic homes, and synagogues where family members once resided.

6. Kosher Morocco Tour: Tailor Made for Kosher Travelers

Our Kosher Morocco Tour offers travelers with Kosher requirements the opportunity to explore the country. Anticipate a guided tour of Morocco’s Jewish Heritage Sites, Synagogues, and neighborhoods. Kosher restaurant dining or private catering offered.

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